What language should I learn if I want to be a software engineer when I'm older?

Hi, the CodeCademy community,

Just a quick question I’m currently in grade 10 and am wondering what language I should learn if I want to be a software engineer. I have just started the python 3 courses but am not sure if it is the best option. Should I instead choose javascript or another language?

Thanks, Opious


I guess anyone who knows multiple languages has a higher chance of getting a job.

I came here to get some skills in web development and I must say I like the slowly easing into programming via first HTML, then CSS and currently JavaScript and SASS. I might even move into Python next since I got a yearly subscription to Pro from my boss.

HTML and CSS is not really programming but they already make you get familiar with using syntax. JavaScript prepares me into thinking in variables, functions, conditionals etc. Something I did’nt really like before… Perhaps you could start there?



according to my opinion i would like to suggest you .you can learn python because python are more used in machine learning and artificial intelligence . ML and AI are more used in in future.if you are interested than you can learn python best [python training classes in Delhi](http://pythonandmltrainingcourses.com/courses/best-python-course-in-delhi/


Just learn programming in general. Stick with what you like but try other things.
It’s impossible to know what will be THE language or IF there will be.
People make money with COBOL to this day. In 30 years there will be mainstream quantum computing yet people will still be paid to code c and python on silicon id imagine.


Python is one of the most popular though it depends what software job you want.

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