What language should I learn, for what I want to do, and not waste time?

Hello, I’m planning to learn to create websites and information/guide apps or making the websites have an app version to log in and track various things.

What language would you recommend I learn alongside HTML & CSS should it be java for android, or python? (Should I learn it alongside or focus on one?, Do I need to even focus on java or python or can it even be JS or JQuery?

Again I don’t want to make gaming apps, purely just porting over the websites for mobile access and making it usable for mobile, whether I do slight changes or adjust things for a mobile.

I’m really stuck in which to pick as I don’t want to pick a wrong one and then I have wasted time learning a language, or the language does not do w what I would like.

Thanks in advance, I hope to get some decent advice! An eager novice here :slight_smile:

Listing from least to most complex:

  1. make your website mobile friendly. No apps

  2. if you really want apps, something like react native or ionic.
    you should be able to use mostly web-technology only (html, css, Javascript (and javascript framework))

  3. hybrid mobile apps (flutter for example), where you have one code base for both apps

  4. native apps (java or kotlin for android and swift for IOS)

the second option is basically wrapping your website in an a downloadable app.

If you need login and register (authentication in other words), you will need a back-end as well. Javascript is also supported in the back-end (nodeJS).

but there are lot of languages which supports building API’s

However, I would like to warn you. Being able to build all this, might easily take a year or more


thank you for your reply I appreciate it.

So potentially I could learn HTML, CSS & Javascript & Javascript frameworks and then try and make it mobile compatible, and potentially have a look at flutter?.

I like the more front-end developer type things, im more of a visualiser and designer, so I dont want to start making apps if I am going off track, if you could confirm that HTML/CSS/JS is the best way to go for now, ill start learning these.

then you get a separate code-base/project for your mobile apps, while with something like react native or ionic you can have mostly the same code for your website and mobile apps

Flutter will have more support for mobile features (like access to GPS).

Javascript is only partial visual, there is so much more to apps and websites that meet the eye (like a back-end/API)

in the end, you need to decide what path you want to take :slight_smile: