What language is most convinient?

Hi id like to develop a movile app but im not sure what programming language i need to do so can anybody help me? thanksss

well, there are the native languages for each platform:

Java for android
Swift for ios
c# for windows phone

although, any language that support JVM can be used on android, so if you don’t want Java, you can see if you like kotlin more (if you have no further restrictions)

if you want to build a cross platform app, there are also several possibilities. react native being one, but there are many others (phonegap). Phonegap is JS + html + css, react native is react + html + css (react compiles to JS code). There are more cross platform possibilities, quite frankly, i don’t know them all, you will have to delve into it to see which suits you best

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thaanks a lot!!!