What Language for a forum

What language do I use to make a forum? :smiley:

Assumption: Basic forum.

What do you need:
html + css + (optional) js
for front-end, front-end we define as what the user sees.

Then we come to the backend, which is a bit more tricky, you need to store your data somewhere (obviously), so you need a database, for example mysql (i think mysql is a good choice), but there is also MongoDB, Oracle and many more.

Now you have your database, you are going to need to pick a server side language, to get things of the ground quickly, php is a suitable language. Other alternatives are: python (with django framework) or ruby (with ruby on rails framework) or serverside js (nodejs)

I would go for: mysql, php, html and css

Wit this, you can build a forum.

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is MySQL a language or do I learn SQL. Also how would js help.

Both, MySQL manages the database, sql are the query’s you use to store and extract data. But basic sql is really straightforward, plus there is sql course right here on codecademy

You can use js to make your website nicer (which is why i specified it as optional), or you can use it for ajax, which allows you to fetch data from a database without having to reload the entire webpage

uuuuummm ok. So I learned completely CSS and HTML. I learned like 20% js and I’m learning php right now. What next?

Is ajax a learnable language or is it a program?

I now what it is though @dxcreeper

ajax is a learn-able language, it is part of javascript. Jquery (js framework) makes it a lot easier to use ajax. Maybe, you should focus on html + css + php first, then later you can build in ajax

I finished html and css and I’m like 40% done with php

You can also make one in Ruby on Rails, although it’s full stack and you’d end up working with all the other mentioned languages anyway.

But ruby on rails means you need to learn ruby first, and then rails. Php you can start with right away. It is choice, i did mention it in my answer

I would reccomend to you PHP/MySQL …