What Langauge to learn and how to apply it? C++? Ruby? Javascript?

I’m 18, and I’ve always thought it would be so cool to learn to program. I’ve always loved science, but math less so. I am going to a liberal arts school after I graduate high school, and the only courses they offer in programming is some intro to python. I am very indecisive because every time I consider learning a language, I get distracted by another cool shiny language. I think the power of C and C++ is fascinating, I think Ruby’s syntax is the best out there, I like ruby on rails but I think most people would prefer Node.js and I see why, javascript I know is very important to know and I also don’t mind its syntax. I also find that javascript is quite forgiving compared to java or any of the other lower level languages. I guess my question is, should I begin with the real easy stuff like ruby on rails, javascript, html, css. Or should I learn a lower level language to establish a better fundamental understanding of the computer and code. Then higher level languages would be easier to pick up. I will have time to dedicate myself to a language because I have most of the summer to practice outside of work. Also, how do I go about getting a job in coding? How do I build a portfolio I guess? What kinds of programs are companies looking for people to build, or at least be able to build (I’m speaking more towards lower level languages, I know a bit more about web dev.). Thanks

Take those python classes, and any others that interest you.
You can start with any language, don’t be intimidated by things like c/c++.
I love programming in c++, but I use ruby for a ton of quick script-y things. I recommend you pick a language and just dive in. You will learn programming concepts along the way.

Build things you like, it could be the game of battleship, truly anything. Just save every little thing you do, and put the ones you are truly proud of on github.


Yep I would agree with the advice of @fight_dragons

Which language you learn really depends on what you want to end up doing. If you just want to do fun hobby projects Python or Ruby is the way to go. If you want to get a job a knowledge of Java and C is probably needed.

I’d recommend starting with Python because it’s super simple to dive in and make a lot of things relatively quickly and easily. Once you’ve mastered Python you can start diving down into lower level languages such as Java, and then if you really want to understand what your code is doing learn C.

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what do ruby and python do and I’m only 15 that’s why I’m asking

pretty much anything you want, have a google and discover the different possibilities, particularly “Ruby on Rails” projects and “Python Raspberry Pi” projects