What job(s) are you qualified for after completing Machine Learning and Ai fundamentals skill path

I am currently working my way through the skill path for machine learning & ai fundamentals with the intention of moving towards the career path. I am currently in the automotive industry and want OUT! Like yesterday lol! My question is, once I complete the fundamentals skill path, will I be qualified for any jobs at that point? If so, what type of entry level jobs should I look for? Please help!

The course alone? Probably none. I feel like breaking into these (AI and ML) without a specific degree for them is pretty hard (not unheard of, it’s harder to break into fresh than say software engineering). You’d need experience to break into it + ton of luck or a Master’s degree in the field + maybe some research. How would you get experience? Somebody would have to trust your body of work enough to let you do projects that get used on the job.

You could look into Georgia Tech’s online master’s. It’s a highly reputable program that offers very flexible schedules.


Thanks for the reply. Yikes I didn’t realize a Master’s degree would be required. A lot of info online suggests that certificates and maybe a boot camp or two would suffice for at least entry level. Is this not necessarily the case?

I mean you can still do your own research to corroborate. I would specifically care about talking to people who are applying now for that ML/AI without a Master’s and what their success rate is (of getting entry level jobs).

From the few ML/AI courses I’ve taken + study groups with software engineer co-workers, my takeaway is that in general you need a very good foundation in statistics, math, and CS. It’s a very unique blend that requires a concerted effort to build skills in.

I have seen software engineers transition into ML roles, but then they already have a platform with which to show that they have ML experience (they can build a project that brings business value at work and leverage that into a role).

Don’t let this dissuade you! I’d just be vary wary of any path sold that seems easy.

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I’ve completed the Data Scientist: ML career path, which covers a bit more than the skill path, plus some courses on Coursera by Andrew Ng, and I don’t even think that is enough for an entry level job. In fact I am not even sure a masters in the field is sufficient. I have a masters in a STEM field (but not ML) plus some unremarkable projects on my GitHub page, have applied for a few jobs, and did not even get a response from any of them, not to mention the difficulty that is finding an entry-level job. Most recruiters are looking for unicorn candidates who have 5+ years of experience in the field, have knowledge in Cloud Computing and have experience in the particular tech stack that the company uses. Speaking personally, I am quite demotivated about pursuing it any further, but I do wish you good luck.


It appears that in all fields of Computer Science at this time, there is a push-back against coding Boot-Camps and those without degrees. It’s never completely impossible to be able to obtain a job through these methods, but due to the tight job market and competition for entry level positions, there is more focus being given to those who obtain degrees at this time it seems.

There’s also been heavy criticism by several Computer Science and Programming social groups that code boot-campers have flooded the industry and exacerbated the issues within the current market but don’t have the skill-set necessary for the industry. This of course could very well be bias or frustration by those who feel they have put more time and effort into pursuing a degree, but there does seem to be some truth in the matter as well.

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