What is your favourite thing about coding?

Hi everyone, I am new to coding and have been taking the Python 3 course! I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to building a useful skillset. I have always been a fan of Machine learning and AI so I look forward to seeing the technological capabilities of these industries progress as much as possible! I just wanted to know what your favourite things about coding are!?


Hi! I am also new to coding and currently taking Python 3 as well. I love the idea of creating something from scratch. Also I always been curious about how things work in technology behind the scenes! Have a great journey!

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Well, when I started coding, the best things that I felt were creativity, problem-solving activity, and continuous learning. Nowadays, working from home is another good thing.

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Coding allows you to create and build things from scratch. Whether it’s websites, mobile apps, games, or AI models, coding is a medium for expressing your creativity.

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Honestly I love the fact that I can make a meaningful contribution to society. Also, the horror of existentialism get alleviated a lil bit cause I’m like, welp, at least my projects will live on in the depths of the internet


I’m very new and also very late to this discussion, but hullo anyways! Hope you’re having fun coding however many months later.
I’m also taking the Python 3 course, and I’ve made so many mistakes up until now :sob: I think the best thing for me so far has been that coding is definitely a challenge, but I’ve managed to figure it out at the end of the day. Even if I require a bit of help. Plus, it’s not expected to memorise everything, and this gives me a great opportunity to practice my googling skills.