What is your experience with Computer Science path?

Hi All,

I was looking through the forum to see what is members experience with the Computer Science Path from a beginner to someone who has completed the course.

What did you experience? How did you feel through the program? What do you feel after completing the program? Do you feel comfortable with Python and are starting to do projects? Or do you feel lost and feel like you still have so much more to learn?

I know each person’s experience is different. It’s just good to hear the pro’s and con’s from people who have completed the program.

Thank you in advance


The Computer Science Path seems to be a valid introduction to basic coding. I found it very helpful to get a first impression of what Computer Science might includes and what you need to know to maybe study the subject later on at a University. It is limited though to one language (Python) but that probably meets the current needs on the market as Python is very popular atm. It gets more difficult/challenging over time but is always doable if you stay focussed and don’t skip single lessons. The major disadvantage is, that after spending weeks on this course - you may learned a lot. But there is no way to prove that - as there is a lack of options to produce valuable code for GitHub and there is no certificate at the end. Which I personally experienced as extremely frustrating.

Thank you @nerdchen for your feedback. I’m really interested in learning Python so it seems like the Computer Science Path might be what I am looking for. Also, I want to make sure the computer science path provides the foundation to program properly. I feel that will important if and when I need to learn another programming language.

I would love to know how you got started and where are you currently?

I’m new to programming and am looking to progress so that I can work as a Python programmer