What is your add keywords in php site

Like https://percentagecalculator.net/ this is site i am open view page source open and only 1 keyword use this is site but semrush to show 7k keywords use This is site why to add a 7k keywords in server guide please tell me this is site only simple home page no any article this is site but this is site using 7k keywords what is your add a keywords on website please guide my site i am add a keywords Check and tell me.

this question is confusing, what exactly do you want?

Yes My main problem for keywords please help anyone

<meta name="keywords" content="percentage calculator"/>

You you referring to this ?

Please can you explain, we cannot understand your question.

Check images

please my help my site on php but my site is 0 keyword use i am add meta tag keywords already and i am article publish but my site is 0 keywords use this is site 7 k keywords use why what is your add 7k keywords in server please help i am add 1000 of keywords my site