What is you guys study schedule?

I just wanted to know what is your study schedule that you keep and use to stay motivated? I am having a hard time making time for this because it can be mentally taxing at times when I don’t understand something. Just curious. Thank you.

Three things you can do if your find it hard to make progress:

  1. Work on small bits, and delve into them in every way possible so that through practice you begin to suss out the finer details.
  2. Set aside some reading time away from the lessons and exercises. To do this it means perhaps only one lesson a day, with extra reading, study and practice on just that lesson.
  3. Set aside time at the end of every unit to completely review every lesson in that unit. For solid reinforcement and testing of your acquired skills, reset one lesson at a time and do it again. Do this as often as you have to until you have that lesson down pat and can do it in your sleep.

This is not a race, and everyone learns differently. The key is to take all the time you need to master each new detail and concept. If time is something you don’t have a lot of, all the more reason to follow the above three points. Better that you are building on a strong foundation than racing ahead just finish the course.

Learning is hard for most people. It helps to be comfortable with admitting we are human and should expect difficulty at first as we probe into new material. What’s most important is that you are gaining confidence in your ability to muster up initiative and develop new ideas of your own, and can test those ideas. That is where the real learning starts. Go easy on yourself and accept that confusion is natural and to be expected… It’s a sign that we are learning.


I use the Pomodoro Technique. Set a daily goal of how many Pomodoros per day you want to accrue and try to stick to it.

Use different resources to keep things fresh (for example I’m currently doing Harvard’s CS50w free course in top of CC)

I normally have a rule of always have a project on-going, so when I get tired of Codecademy’s hand-holding lessons I can go a continue with my project, experiment and research based on what I’m trying to achieve, that also helps keeping your GitHub active.



For me my assignments and my reading consume so much time and it really drains me and discourages me. Because I always feel that it shouldn’t take so long even though I know that it a) actually needs time and b) I will become more effective with practice.