What is wrong?



I don't know what I did wrong. Which part is wrong?

 <script src="app.js">
    var main = function() {


Hi you alreadty in the app.js so you don't need to put the <script></script> tag around the code..


It still doesn't work.


>     <script src="app.js">
>     var main = function() {
>     };
>     $(document).ready(main);
>     </script>

Since, you're typing the code in "app.js", you don't need to add "script" tag.
Also, there's a small window which pops up at the right side
of your editor, whenever you're doing something wrong.
Maybe, that could help. Also, you can try "Save & Submit Code".

>     var main = function() {
>     };

>     $(document).ready(main);


I did the same thing and it doesn't work


It was because you wrote the code in the wrong place. You have to put 'app.js box' among the three manu.


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