What is wrong with your site?!


Ok so I am doing an exercise on pseudo-class selectors. I typed in everything I was supposed to exactly how it asked and its telling me I didn't set my a:link to a color when I most certainly did!! I tried refreshing the page, I looked to make sure there were no errors and for some reason it's just no recognizing it. I really don't feel like typing all my code over again because it also did this in a previous exercise. Could you look into this please it's extremely irritating. Thank You


Tell us which exercise you are on.

Copy/Paste all of your code in here where we can see it.





It keeps saying I didn't set the color to #008B45;


Thanks, I'll try out your code when I find the right exercise.


Thank you very much i appreciate it


There are 19 exercises in that unit, could you give me a hint?


it is exercise number 15 on links


Okay, here's one thing, there should be no s on link


oh whoops haha. thanks a lot it worked now:)