What is wrong with this code?


Please tell me what is wrong with my code in this Codecademy exercise.

Hello, could you please post your code here? We cannot see your code, the link you provided will get us to the exercise but does not show what you have entered ;).

Post your code below and using the </> button.

function icanhaz(name = ‘cheezburer’) {
return (i can haz ${name}?)

console.log(icanhaz( ));

got this Janneslohmeijer!

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Good to hear ;). All you had to do was to remove the comment right? You will encounter more of these kind of instances. The code checker will compare your code to a control code and sometimes even though you have the correct answer it is not exactly like the control code. In that case it will tell you its wrong.

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Actually, in the original screenshot, @dev6300938908 had made a typo; 'cheezburer' instead of 'cheezburger'. :slight_smile:

Sometimes those are the hardest errors to spot in the LE; it can be so pedantic about that kind of thing…

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I also spelled ‘cheeszburger’ incorrectly before.

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