What is wrong with this code? (Netflix Project)

ax = sns.violinplot(data = netflix_stocks_quarterly, x = netflix_stocks_quarterly, y = netflix_stocks_quarterly(Price)
ax.set_title)‘Distribution of 2017 Netflix Stock Prices by Quarter’)
ax.set(xlabel=‘Closing Stock Price’, ylabel=‘Business Quarters in 2017’)
File “”, line 2
ax.set(title=‘Distribution of 2017 Netflix Stock Prices by Quarter’)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

It seems the quotes you are using are not like '. Also, once you are defining the data, on x and y you can just put the column number between quotes. And also, you have some wrong spelling after set_title should be (.

Below is my code:

ax = sns.violinplot(data = netflix_stocks_quarterly,
x = “Quarter”,
y = “Price”)
ax.set_title(“Distribution of 2017 Netflix Stock Prices by Quarter”)
plt.ylabel(“CLosing Stock Price”)
plt.xlabel(“Business Quarters in 2017”)