What is wrong with my code



It says there is a syntax error where is the error?

if (numHours>=8){
return "You're getting plenty of sleep! Maybe even too much!";
else {
return "Get some more shut eye!";




function with 1 parameter using return-statement

var myFunction = function( param1 ) {
       //Begin of FUNCTION-BODY
       //myFunction =function= has 1 PARAMETER param1
       //this param1 PARAMETER is used as a -local- VARIABLE
       //throughout the FUNCTION-BODY

      return param1;

      //End of FUNCTION-BODY

you have defined a myFunction function
which takes 1 parameter param1
this param1 parameter is used
as a variable throughout the FUNCTION-BODY.

If you want to call/execute this myFunction function
and this myFunction function was defined
as having 1 parameter param1
you will have to provide 1 argument
in our case a "number VALUE" 4
myFunction( 4 );

some quotes from the outer-world:

**argument is the value/variable/reference being passed in,
parameter is the receiving variable used within the function/block**


**"parameters" are called "formal parameters",
while "arguments" are called "actual parameters".**


As you are using the return-statement in your myFunction function
you will only get a return-value no-display.
You can however capture this return-value in a variable
and then use the console.log()-method to do a display.

var theResult = myFunction( 4 );
console.log( theResult );

OR directly

console.log( myFunction( 4 ) );


In the instructions:
they aks you to......
01. Call the function with 10 hours of sleep, like this: sleepCheck(10);
02. Call the function with 5 hours of sleep.
03. Call the function with 8 hours of sleep.


You used some terms i don't understand are there syntax errors if there are can u tell me?


The terms i presented in my previous Post
those terms are used when you are working with function's

You are not properly defining a function
with your


which should be

var sleepCheck = function(numHours){

  1. You didn't specify sleepCheck as a function. When defining functions there are two structures you use:
    var functionName = function (parameter) {} or functionName (parameter) {}
    You shouldn't have the parameter separated from the function.

  2. You shouldn't need to log anything. In this lesson all that's needed is to call upon the completed function with different values,and since the function requires input from the user, logging the function itself won't work.


var sleepCheck = function(numHours)
return "You're getting plenty of sleep! Maybe even too much!";
return "Get some more shut eye!";


In your IF condition
you will want to check the parameter =variable=

if (numHours>=8)