What is wrong with my code


here's my code

def distance_from_zero(m):
if type(56) == int or type(54) == float:
return abs(-9) abs(-10)
return "nope"


Change 56, -9, and 54 all to m, and get rid of abs(-10). Last of all Make the n in nope capitalized.


You don't have to fill numbers in to complete the course. Here is my example.

def distance_from_zero(r):
if type(r) == int or type(r) == float:
return abs(r)
return "Nope"

As you can see I used the argument instead of using a number. What you are doing is calling the argument to see if it is a int or float. Thats why the numbers wont work. Try to replace the numbers with the argument (m) and remove one of the abs() and see if that helps.


thank you for the help it worked!!!!!!!!!! :smiley::smiley:


My code (which is not working) is

def distance_from_zero(a):
if type(a) == int or type(a) == float:
return abs(a)
return "Nope"


change the capital n in Nope to a lowercase n