What is wrong with my code in More Fonts…?

What is wrong with my code in More Fonts…? I don’t know what is wrong in my code, please help me, this is my code, I’m stuck with this lesson: family fonts… Can you help me?? I use Chrome like my browser…


Me encantan los cambios de fuente

Título grande

  1. Esto va en fuente Garamond grande.

  2. Esto va en fuente Verdana mediana.

  3. Esto va en fuente Futura pequeña.


Hi , can you pute your code enter

And the link of your exercise ? Thank you ;)

give me your email address and I send to you, because this forum is a ■■■■, and I can’t upload my code, because I’m new user…

This is my email brianalex87@gmail.com, thanks for the help my friend

this is my code my friend…

Family Font exercise.txt (669 Bytes)

this is my code again… let me know…

Can you please check my code my friend? thank you very much…

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