What is wrong ! i don't know so help me

     <link hreh="http://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademycontent/courses/ltp/css/shift.css"rel="stylesheet">
      .jumboron h1{
         font-family:'shift', san-serif;


a see a few problems: you misspelled the href attribute of your <link>, this:

.jumboron h1{
         font-family:'shift', san-serif;

shoulld be in your css tab, and you misspelled jumbotron


I am sorry ! I am beginner please would you more help for me


Did you get it to work?


where is the link to your main.css?

you misspelled href here:

<link hreh

you also mispelled jumboron, it should be jumbotron and this:

.jumbotron h1{
         font-family:'shift', san-serif;

should be in main.css, are you sure you do not want to the html + css course first. Can i also see the rest of your code?

@gjeffrey, no i don't think the issue is resolved, but feel free to take over


hey, i'm not sure what you're trying to do with linking your code to http://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademycontent/courses/ltp/css/shift.css as a CSS, which by the way doesn't seem to link to something working (prints error).
Link it to a proper stylesheet you've been doing by yourself, any style.css, and yes, if you didn't, definitely make the HTML CSS course before trying to do anything. HTML and CSS and not difficult, but you need at least to get the proper informations about what to do and how to do it.
Also it's not san serif but sans-serif.
I just feel like you should erase everything, learn, and then start.