What is up with this hidden RegEX course I found on the website. It's not listed in the catalog. Why not?

So I’m not using Codecademy as much these days though I’ve kept my subscription due to wanting to support you guys and also to make it as easy as possible to dip back in.

I’m currently learning some Regex stuff for work and I saw this github post with links to good regex resources and it linked to this Codecademy regex lesson: https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/javascript-intermediate-en-NJ7Lr/0/1

Why isn’t this still available in the catalog and why do I have to go through this weird circuitous route to find it? I’d appreciate having the ability to simply add this to my course work since it looks useful.

Hi @arcwhiz64981,

That course was created by a community member, and isn’t an official course. Also, it’s built on the platform that’s being retired, and won’t be accessible at all soon.

https://regexr.com/ is a handy RegEX resource, although its purpose is more playing/testing than learning. It does have a cheatsheet, though.

Oh are there ways to browse course created by community members? I remember vaguely there being talk of a community created tutorial platform being created a couple of years ago. So that’s being taken down? What’s it being replaced with?

I don’t think there are any current plans to replace the community courses, except by adding new courses taught by professionals in the field. Sorry, but nothing I can do about it. I’d recommend taking the old courses you’re interested in soon, since they could be removed soon.