What is this red dot in the Codecademy Python course?

I was doing this exercise and came across something weird. Capture
Does anyone know what these red dots mean because usually when codecademy wants to display an error you can’t backspace it and this dot can be backspaced and I can put it back with Ctrl + Z (It appeared before I had two variables with the same name and i can paste these dots in the editor but not anywhere else). ​​​​​​​​​​​​

How I produced these dots

First just type any variable “name”.
Then copy poem_title_fixed from the instructions.
Then select the variable “name” from before and paste poem_title_fixed in its place and add a space.

I couldn’t reproduce this, but can you submit the exercise if you remove them?

I believe, if they are similar to the HTML course, that the red dots signify an unfinished action. For example, you cannot have a variable var1 = , you must reference it something. I have not come across these in any Python course, however, so I am not entirely sure.

Yes I can just backspace them and then it’s fine but I wanted to know what they even were. Or if maybe this is a glitch but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t normal first.