What is this nonsense

  1. Declare a variable called the_machine_goes and assign it the string value "Ping!" on line 5.
  2. Go ahead and print the_machine_goes in line 6


All its saying is to create a variable and make it equal to the string of "Ping!"

so type
the_machine_goes = "Ping!"

^ This makes the variable (the_machine_goes) and makes it equal to the string(Ping!)

And then it says to print it so type
print the_machine_goes

^ This prints the variable(the_machine_goes) into the box on the right


Nope, that's what I did and it still gives me an error.

the_machine_goes = "Ping!"
Print the_machine_goes

this doesn't work.

I have another question too, the earlier page the program asked me to do Print "Monty Python"
Why does it require to put quotation mark for that case?


If i'm reading this question correctly. Its because it wants you to print a string. and to make a string you add quotes.


Your code has Print with a capital P, you need to use all lowercase letters instead.

The previous example requires quotation marks because you are declaring the text string to print in that line. If you don't use quotation marks, it will try to print the variable called Monty Python, rather than the text string "Monty Python".



For us the grammar is not the problem. This is what you should do (It worked for me) Put the variable on line 5 and the print code on 6:

the_machine_goes = "Ping!"
print themachinegoes

I think the underscore caught out some people, this problem was also shown on the old discuss/forum. Hope this helps!

P.S Please make a thread title with the issue you are having. Making the problem sound urgent may actually discourage people to answer.