What is this basically we are doing in this 13th step of HTML basics. Can anyone explain it out.?


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Hi the instruction aske you to

1 Between the <body> tags, add two images using the <img> tag. One should be a link; the other should not. The link can go anywhere you want.
DO you know how to create a img tag?
DO you know how to create a link tag?

yes using img tags
we can add the image
yes using a tags
we can add a link .

But please elaborate how the things are working in this ?

I mean please elaborate me the instruction specified in step 13.
Like how it is woking.?

do you mean like that ?

first yous should create a two imgs tags.

<img src="link" />
<img src="link" />

then you should add the link tag around one

<a href="link"><img src="link" /></a>
<img src="link" />

“Adding link around the image”
What does this mean ?

Ok, that mean that when you will click on the image you put the link around it will go on the page you put inside the the tag link
for example

here the code

<a href="https://discuss.codecademy.com/"><img src="http://tech.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Codecademy.png" /></a>

Thank you for the help…:slight_smile: now i got it properly.

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