What is the size of a web page in pixels?

This is a general question, and not related to any specific exercise.

I’m studying HTML and CSS at the moment and here is my question:

I keep seeing exercises with different amount of pixels used to determine the size of an element or distance from an element, but I find it hard to asses how much does it take from the screen and how would it appear.

how do I know what’s the size of my screen or any screen in pixels?, or should I ask , how do I know the range that I can work with in pixels?

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That is the problem with pixels, your screen might have a different size then my screen or the 50 other people who visit your website. You will learn em and % it later, to make your website scale

you can find your screen width and height here:

backup link

just press the run button, it gives the screen height followed by screen width


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