What is the right course to introduce my 8 year old to coding?


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What website,What JavaScript course on Codecademy, Or what lesson in the JavaScript Course on Codecademy??

Which one?

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What does your child like?

If they play apps on their phone, then iOS development may interest them.

If they play a Wii/Gaming Console they may want to start out with an old, powerful language like C.

If they like Google or Youtube or are generally interested in websites then starting with HTML would work.

If they like puzzles/mathematics then Python may suit them well.

When I started, I did Python because I love math.
It just depends on their personality.

The Website/ HTML track would be a good start. Very simple and rewarding to young heads. It’s whre I started aged 11, more than half my life ago!

My 8-y.o daughter started with Scratch. I think I’ll show her how to use HTML and CSS a bit later.

Scratch is an excellent choice!

Scratch Jr is also great if you have an iPad or Android tablet (https://www.scratchjr.org/)

For a superb list of other ways to get into coding, the Hour of Code site has over 90 activities that would be suitable for an 8-year old :slight_smile: (https://code.org/learn)

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Swift playground on iPad is a good tool for learning programming. It is simplistic with a combination of line and block based programming while maintaining the full functionality of the powerful swift language. Scratch is good and bad. It teaches computational logic but I think it can be hard to go from scratch to a text based HLL. I started programming with python, it has easy syntax but still great functionality. A great book for python is called “Hello World” but it depends if they are more arty and visual learning centred then use scratch. If they are very logical then use a text based HLL like python or ruby.

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