What is the problem with my if/else coding?


I copy the code from "Hint" if/else exercise:
if (10 < 3)
console.log("The console is true");
console.log("The console is false");
Codecademy does not allow me to go to the next exercise with the comment 'Oops, Try again. It looks like your if/else statement doesn't log "The console is false" to the console'.
Who can advise what the problem is with, and how to correct, this if/else statement so that I can proceed to the next execise?


Read the Instructions

  1. Write an if/else statement, just like we did in the last exercise. Here's what the outline of the code looked like:
if (condition) 
    // if condition is true
    // do this code
else // "otherwise"
    // do this code instead

If your condition is true, use console.log to print "The condition is true".

Otherwise (else) when it is false, use console.log to print "The condition is false".

Make sure your condition evaluates to false, so that your program prints out "The condition is false".