What is the problem ? Please help!



After the return statement there is nothing more to write. So try to delete the commands you wrote underneath your return statement and try to execute your code.


Write your function below!

def fizz_count(x):
for n in x:

    if n=='fizz':
return count


print numbers

Hopefully it can help you!!


Farzfarz is correct (at least in my code). I made the same mistake as you, cssrockstar. On lines 4 and 5, you have:

for x in yigit:
    if x == "fizz":

But 'x' and 'yigit' should be swapped so that the function knows to look within x, not within yigit. Your code on lines 4 and 5 should look like this:

for yigit in x:
    if yigit == "fizz":

Like I said, I did the same thing until I came to this thread and found farzfarz's response, so thanks farzfarz!


My pleasure rmbyrne :smile: