What is the point of using the '.reverse' method?


I get what it does in the literal sense, but why would you want to sort variable from highest to lowest in the first place and what exactly does this do for you?


I can't see your code but I can see that you are doing "Introduction to Ruby".
It doesn't make sense when you are sorting number from 1 to 10 and that is it. But it is made they you get familiar with that expresion because you will use it later in more advenced code with functions for buliding something. Every beginner exercise in beginning looks stupid but it has a reason for it.

Stay open minded and keep learning. That is what will make you good programer, only will for knowledge !!!

Don't judge book by its covers .


It's not that I believe it to be dumb or anything along those lines. I'm gathering what it's telling me to do, I'm just confused as to why I am doing it, is it just yet another language? Why would it be used over another language? See where I'm coming from? Thank you for your response :smile: There is no judgement being had, it's just my over active brain making things a little more complicated then what they need be. lol This is the first time I'm using this q&a forum, how do you make the code appear?


When you open this box for writting a comment, above it you can see helpers which let you know what they do when you hover with mouse over them.