What is the mistake?


var friends = {};
friends.bill = {

firstName:  "Bill",
lastName : "Gates",
number:  "31111 410 5311",
address: ['One Microsoft Way','Redmond','WA','98052']

friends.steve = {

 firstName : "Steve",
  lastName: "Jobs",
   number :  "31111 410 5306",
 address: ['1 Infinite Loop','Cupertino','CA','95014']

var list = function(obj) {
for (var prob in Obj)


There isn't a syntax error in the code, can you give me more details about what is going wrong? (what errors are occuring, etc.)




It seems you have found a solution, tell me if you need anything else :slight_smile:


i create the function "list"

but when i execute it says " did you create the function called list?"


see the second image..


I saw an older post of yours and thought it was a solution, my bad. On line 17, try changing Obj to obj, then see if it works.


OMG!!!!! super ji.......


why we are using prob key?


Did that solve the problem?


yes the problem is solved............:blush:


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