What is the Message class!?


Hi, Crew. I’m trying really hard to understand what is happening in the following code from the Learning Rails series on Saving Data:

class MessagesController < ApplicationController
	def index
		@messages = Message.all
  def new
    @message = Message.new

What the blazes is this Message method?! Where is it defined? What does it do? Where did it come from!? I tried to recreate this on making my own version of what we’re doing in the instructions, and I don’t have this Message method. I am told is an uninitializede constant. What am I missing?


Hi @martint92,

The MessagesController class is part of Rails. It was created when we ran rails generate controller Messages earlier in the course. This link may have some helpful information for you: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/action_controller_overview.html


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