What is the HTML Tag Really?


This tag:




It's not visible. Please put it in backticks, like so:

code goes here


Yeah i just saw it here. Thanks!


The <html></html> tags define the start and end of the HTML page.


I know that but how did they make HTML?


Are you asking me how the markup language was developed?


Yeah. I want to see the code!


The code for what? 


HTML is a markup language, it are a set of instructions for a C program which your browser uses to draw the instructions written in C.

I doubt this software is open source...


HTML Language obbviously


I want to see the code of HTML.. What the heck is open-source


Stetim94 just explained it quite well above.
You can see more here.


Open-source means anyone can see the code and edit it to make it their own.


That is going to be difficult. Well, open source means that the source code is available for everyone to view and edit. But i doubt this is the case for html. After the C program is written, it is compiled (translated into a set of instructions only the computer understands), and de-compiling it is nearly impossible (the amount of resources it takes would be massive)


I quickly wrote a very simple C program:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void){
    printf("hello world\n");

it simple prints hello world the shell. Then i compiled it by running the following command:
make hello_world
This is what it looks like after i compiled it:

If the html C program was available, people could exploit it, which would be a disaster