What is the error in the following program


def the_flying_circus():
if the_flying_circus <=315 ():
print "you are so economical"

elif the_flying_circus >=270 ():

print" you are some what economical"
    print" you are spending lavishly"



Please don't post multiple times with the same content.

Now on to your issue.

if the_flying_circus <=315 ():
elif the_flying_circus >=270 ():

It is bad form to compare to a function, it just does not work. You should be getting all kinds of syntax errors too.

You can on the other hand do this,

def give_number():
    return 5

if 4 < give_number():
    print("4 < 5")

For now just stick with something you should know.

if 5 ==5:
if 4 < 5:
if True or False:

Don't try to get into things you do not understand, work on what you are struggling with now and get to that latter.