What is the easiest code to learn and memorise?

I have really bad memory and can’t figure out the easiest code to learn, I can write the stuff down in a book but idk. please help !

Hey I’d recommend starting with Python, it’s an easy programming language to get started with.

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I can appreciate and relate to the frustration of not being able to remember a lot at once, especially when for many of us this is still a learning experience or hobby. The first advice I can give is not to stress about it as much. There are an abundance of cheat sheets, stack overflow answers and courses out there that you can continuously refer to, and in fact will likely be expected to. 50% of coding is just being really good at google, the other 50% is being a fast typer. Sometimes you will be in situations where you are trying to do something completely unique, I’ve been there in my work, but oftentimes what you need has actually already been done, and you can google the answer to any query you have.

To directly answer your question, I will do as I always do and recommend Python as a starter language, with Javascript as a close second. Python is structured to read as close to sentences as you can really get, mainly using English words for everything rather than any extra coding jargon. It also has a lot of built in assumptions (for lack of a better word) that you don’t often get with other languages, as you don’t need to give any quantifiers when declaring things.

// For example in javascript a variable declaration looks like this
let name = "Adam";
// In C++ it looks like this
std::string name = "Adam";
// But in Python it looks like this
name = "Adam"

I find it to really be the easiest language to get started on as everything flows and makes decent sense right off the bat without having to learn much extra jargon. You can focus on the logic more.

I usually just try to remember where to look stuff up, because I always seem to forget the exact bits of code to do what I want. (I look stuff up online a lot.)

Hi, I´m new, could you please recommend me languages to create or develop mobile apps for android and iOS? I have been learning Java (on Youtube) and Kotlin (here in codeacademy but I just started). And I still do not know which is the best language to start programming or what i should learn before creating mobile apps. I hope you guys can help me.

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