What is the doggone value of: -(-(-(-2)))?



I do not understand what the following is: -(-(-(-2)))

My mathematical skills are rudimentary, and pasting it into google search bar is no help. Could we not use simpler examples? We are already learning a new language... must there be added complications of attempting skills which are both avoidable and some of us are not strong in, as we are attempting to develop a new skill already?

Replace this line with your code.


Replace all the - with -1 * and drop all the parens. (Unity does not change the numeral)...

-1 * -1 * -1 * -1 * 2

-1 * 2   => -2

-1 * -2  =>  2

-1 * 2   => -2

-1 * -2  =>  2

Outcome, 2.

You'll not go very far if you pour all your energy into one subject while the others slip. Spend more time on maths, so that your proficiency improves as you develop skills in other subjects. The old, 'I don't like ___' is never going to cut it in an academic world. Like it or not, we need maths, sciences, civics, communication, etc. on top of learning new programming skills. Balance them all out.


Thank you so very much!!! :smiley:

And, I could not agree more. I anguish over how weak my math comprehension is. And, I wish that I had teachers and instructors in the 80's & 90's who would have helped me to comprehend instead of simply passing me or advising me to not attempt other math classes.

If I could find an adult ed. class around which covered it, I would take it. However, aside from E.S.L., G.E.D., crafts, and hobbies, I seem to be at a loss.

But, I will NEVER quit looking.

Thank you again.


I'm in my 60s and when I realized that my math skills had waned nearly out of existence I stumbled upon Khan Academy. Get yourself a ream of paper and a bundle of pencils, and set out on the Maths learning path there. It is hard work, and we are totally accountable to ourselves to complete each task, but the effort will pay off in helping you upgrade your math skills to whichever level you wish to reach.


As soon as I finish the school which I am preparing for in July, my first stop will be Khan Academy.

Thank you so much for sharing Khan Academy with me. :smiley:


What kind of math is this?


Basic arithmetic with signed integers. Junior high learners will have tackled signs and learned how to work with signed numbers. The first thing would likely be an examination of the number line.

<---- -3 ---- -2 ---- -1 ---- 0 ---- 1 ---- 2 ---- 3 ---->


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