What is the difference between printing `3 + 4` and `'3 + 4'`?

Perfectly explained.

You are asking the computer to do two different things. If you use 3 +4, you are asking the computer to use the add operator to add together the numbers 3 and 4 and show you the sum in the console. If you use ‘3 + 4’ with the quotations, you are asking the computer to show you the string of text 3 + 4.

for number 3 you could just use console.log(34);

The difference is you use the quotes it would understand that is a string and not a sum.

thanks so much. i think this is what OP was asking- it’s the same curiosity I had. In a sense, I just wanted to be able to “show my work” in a string on a single line while using an operator. inserting the comma allows this, or, as you put it, it allows us to concatenate,

I guess I get it now. So "console.log(3+4) "will print 7 but “console.log(‘3+4’)” will print 3+4. I feel this is similar to Python in that regard.