What is the difference between PostgreSQL and SQL server? Could I do the Codecademy exercises on both?

Hi guys!. I need your help. I’ve been doing the Learn SQL course here, and now I’m on the “Design Databases with PostgreSQL”. The point is I’ve already downloaded SQL server from Microsoft. Could I do the same tables and exercises on both? Is there any difference between them?


Hello @leonardobadell ,

In my opinion, looking at the off-platform project, you could do the exercises in both PostgreSQL and SQL server.

While I haven’t completed the PostgreSQL course, I’m very comfortable using Oracle SQL and think it would be great. You will run into subtle differences, as long as, you are willing to do a bit of research it would be a good exercise.

If you do try both, post your findings on here as others may want to try the same idea.


Excellent. I will try to do the exercises on both. Thanks coffeencake!!!