What is the difference between machine learning course and skill path?

I’m interested in learning machine learning. It looks like Codecademy has two structured courses named ‘Build a Machine Learning Model with Python’ and ‘Learn the Basic of Machine Learning’. What is the difference between these two courses? Does one of them go into more depth or do they cover different contents? Thanks!

Hey there @blogwhiz13325! Welcome to the Codecademy forums :grinning:

I believe that the skill path: Build a Machine Learning Model with Python
is more in depth than the course: Learn the Basic of Machine Learning

Most skill paths also cover material from other courses so there is a good chance that the course is covered in the skill path.

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I’m afraid I’ve not tried them before but the syllabus for the two is very similar throughout (progress on one would probably equal progress on the other). If you keep an eye on both syllabus pages you’ll soon sport any differences.

Edit: I’d follow @8-bit-gaming’s advice for making a choice between the two but you can always check them as you progress.