What is the difference between document.write and console.log?

What is the difference between document.write and console.log ?


The main difference is that document.write() inserts text into the document (the webpage in the browser window); console.log() does not. The user cannot see what is logging to the console as that is another interface, separate from the HTML/CSS environment.

document.write() is rather old school and hardly used anymore since it requires embedding in the actual page which is discouraged in this day and age. The aim is to maintain a separation of concerns, meaning no presentational elements or behaviors are to be embedded in the page, only HTML. You will likely learn all the newer techniques as you progress.

console.log() is a method of the JavaScript Console, a special object incuded in browsers for developers to use to debug and test their code in an interactive terminal. Only JS (ES) will work in the console, not HTML and not CSS.


Thanks for the clarification.


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Ah, alright. So it’s basically just like print() from Python.


Thanks for the clarification

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Great clarification. As a beginner it helped me understand that with relative ease.


Very helpful, thanks!

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Ok I’m completely new to coding and don’t quite understand. Would you use console.log to test a small script of code to see if it acts the way you want it to?

Ex. console.log( code you’re testing );

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What do you mean here?


JavaScript is the name commonly used for the scripting language that comes with a browser. However, it is built around the specifications provided by ECMA. The name of their language is ECMAScript, the ES in ES2015, ES6, ES7, ES8, &c. In time, the name JavaScript may fall out of usage, or it may be the generic name that can refer to any ES iteration.


Yes. console.log() is similar to print() in python

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