What is the difference between <b> and <strong>?

Both of them seem to result in the same effect on text. Are they interchangeable or should I use one or the other in specific cases?

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Although they often appear the same with default styling, they have different meanings so it’s best to use the correct one.

Quick summary: <strong> indicates strong importance, urgency, or seriousness. <b> is used to draw attention, but not necessarily indicating importance.

Here’s a small write-up about it: The Strong Importance element - <b> vs <strong>

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One major difference between the two (and the same for <em/> vs. <i/>) is that STRONG and EM have a change of voice in a screen reader, meaning there is aural emphasis added for the benefit of the listener.

If all we wish to do is add a slight visual (only) indication, then don’t use <strong/> or <em/>. Use <b/> or <i/> instead.


We may periodically see <tag/> in some prose on the subject. It is a shorthand way to indicate the tag, not the official way. It’s a little less typing, is all.