What is the difference between a command line and a terminal?

What is the difference between a command line and a terminal? excuse my stupid question, but they both seem to be the same thing?

I am using windows and I downloaded gitbash to emulate the linux shell experince

This article may be of interest to you. Essentially, the command line is the line where you type your commands (to the right of the command prompt):

$ all this is now a command line

The terminal is the whole program, but I would definitely recommend reading the article I linked for a better explanation.


God bless you, I will read it it actually answers several questions I had!

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No problem; happy coding!

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I read through the article:
If i am understanding correctly the terminal is this black window and the lines where we can input the commands in >>> are called the command line.

while a shell is basically the compiler of the commands we type into the command line within the terminal.

but they describe the shell here as an interperter does this make the language we use in the terminal an interperted language?

I still can not tell the difference between the console and the terminal they seem to be one and the same. except one is physical and the other is not physical. does this mean the computer as a whole is considered a console and the black window is the terminal within that console?

I read the examples btw in the table included, why isnt PC or laptops listed as an example for consoles?
Another question does this mean Apple and Linux do not have terminals, since basically terminals are emulators? and with Apple and Linux you can work with bash directly

It’s a difficult one to define as the terms have been in use for a long time and have somewhat evolved/diverged from their original meaning somewhat. The result is in common use the terms are often used interchangeably or mixed up at odd times with different operating systems using them differently too.

The following notes some of the differences between Windows and Unix but if you really really want to know you’d probably need to hunt down more answers or a better source and spend a bit of time reading.

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I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can, but I’m no expert at the command line, either…

Yes, I believe the language you use in the shell is interpreted.

I think they are slightly different; the terminal is just any text-based input/output interface, where the console is a physical version.This Unix Overflow thread answers it much better than I ever could…

I suppose that this is because you have to run a program them to be able to use the command line.

I think even though you can directly access the command line, you still need to open a program (called Terminal) in order to properly use it (at least on Apple).

I hope this answers your questions!

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YES funny enough I found the stackoverflow thread after sending my message, I will try to keep the short answer in my head for now. but I think the difference between a console and a terminal is giving the command through text while terminal through physical means like clicking x on the controller. I mean at the end we have to click something but I hope you know what I am getting at.

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