What is the codecademylib3_seaborn module?

What is the codecademylib3_seaborn module? What does it do?

Hey Austin,

I had the same question so I looked up seaborn on pypi.
I assumed that codecademylib3_seaborn was the codeacademy roll of the seaborn module.

I took the code off line and ran it on my system using seaborn instead and had the same results.
So, I assume they are strongly related data visualization modules.


That’s correct. The seaborn module assists with creating data visualization, and this is just a codecademy custom built version that works better for running in the browser.

Although it isn’t entirely clear what its doing in the code, it modifies the way plots are stored. Note that if you remove it, every time you run your code the graph will be the same as the first time it ran. But with the module imported, every time you run your code then the plot should change as new random values are generated.


If you have seaborn installed on your system you can run this outside of codecademy with just renaming the import line and it will run. I wanted to run this on my own system to play around with.

import seaborn

Add your code below:

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

import random

numbers_a = range(1,13)

numbers_b =

numbers_b = random.sample(range(1000), 12)