What is the career path approximate length based on?

Hi there, Codecademy users. I’ve acquired Pro in the last week or so, and I’m trying to make some big life decisions regarding learning to code and so a question has surfaced that I figured I’d get an answer to here.

When you go to the page for a Career Path ie. Data Science, at the top of the bullet list in the top left of the webpage, it shows “35 Weeks”. What hours per day is this 35 week approximation based on, if anyone knows?

I appreciate any knowledge or answers ahead of time :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the time to help!


Hi, welcome to the forums.

This question has been asked several times before, about several of the paths and courses.

The method for arriving at that estimated completion time is not provided, but a reasonable guess in my opinion would be to assume an hour a day.

As I have said many times - and to many other learners - before, though; this is not a race. If you are genuine in your intentions to learn the content here, then you would do well to rid your mind of any expectations along the line of “if I do this, I’ll have learned X in Y weeks”.

This is not a race, nor a competition. Your focus should be on putting in the amount of time required to gain command of what is being taught. That might take you more, or less, time than the estimate of 35 weeks at an hour a day.

The speed at which you complete any of the paths or courses here means nothing to anybody, if at the end of it you cannot recall nor apply what you’ve “learned” - because if you can’t remember or use it, you’ve not learned it, right?


I apologize so much if me asking was a bother, I’m not used to using forums so I didn’t realize this might not have been the place to ask this question. I wasn’t asking for the sake of trying to speedrun learning to code, but only because I’m being pushed towards something in life wherein I’d only have a very small amount of time a day to work on this passion and so I wanted to know how the approximate course time applied to my life, or rather where my life would be heading.

I’m very sorry, again, but I appreciate the information.


No need for you to apologise. I didn’t intend to come across as negatively as I appear to have done, so sorry about that.

This is, indeed, the place to ask questions about the Codecademy material. :slight_smile:

Good to hear; too often people try and fly through the courses here, only to find they’ve not understood much of it and end up struggling with more complex tasks. :slight_smile:

I would say that, even if you only had say 15 minutes or so a day, you’d be able to do the courses / paths here. Sure, it might take you a while to get through the material and you’d have to be mindful about how much you try and do in that time - to make sure it sticks - but it’s certainly doable. :slight_smile:

It sounds like it would certainly be an exercise in time management, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you decide you want to pursue coding as a career. (I’m not a developer, but I do work in IT… and trust me, being able to juggle a lot of things is a good thing!)

The other thing to mention, as you have Pro, is that if you’re short on time one day but still want to do some work on learning to code, the quizzes and refresher material (like the “Practice” item in the screenshot below) are short tasks but which will help keep the material in your mind for the days when you do have time to circle back to the lesson / project you’re working on.


In short, I’d say that if you’ve already made the step to get Pro, you should start with something from the [Code Foundations] section of the catalog. The more general courses (“Learn How to Code” and “Welcome to Codecademy”) are quite short, but would give you an intro to the site.

From experience, the “Learn Python 2” / “Learn Python 3” and “Learn JavaScript” courses are pretty well paced and certainly something you could look at for a short period a day.