What is the best option?

Hello, I am new at coding and have been on Code Academy for about 3 months now. I plan to get my bachelors in Computer Science, and I am taking the Computer Science Path.

I am learning a lot and loving it so far, but there are days where a lesson isn’t explained at all and I find myself struggling to find different resources.

Does anyone recommend any courses I should take that can teach me specific programming languages?


If you have not taken the basic Learn Python 2 or Learn Python 3 tracks, yet, then immerse yourself in them for a slightly easier time of it. This will build a foundation of basics and get you more familiar with the less abstract side of the language.

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Mozilla Developer Network is a lifesaver when I don’t understand a command. They have old, out of date commands. They have new ones also and it is just the ultimate documentation that any sort of programmer or web developer could dream of! Oh, there’s also python 2 and 3. There are tons of tutorials that teach you python on YouTube! I would surely recommend YouTube to anyone.

So, I guess I recommend Python 2 and 3

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