What is The Answer... Return Keyword #7



It says it looks like it didn't print out the value of newNumber

Replace this line with your code. 
// Parameter is a number, and we do math with that parameter
var timesTwo = function(number) {
    return number * 2;

// Call timesTwo here!


Don't Know the answer can someone help??


see the instruction carefully



can u give me answer


This message suggests the instructions ask us to create a variable, newNumber and assign the function call return value to it.

var newNumber = timesTwo(5);

Check if you are also asked to log out the variable, using console.log().


no,i cant give you direct answer.its against Codecademy Community Guidelines.
please review this Community Guidelines



Yes you can. Sometimes people need the help to move on.


I had a small issue on this exercise too, but it was like 2am and I was burn out, anyways like stated before just R-E-A-D the instructions over and over again and you will get it, its tricky but its really direct too.

you're calling your function on the wrong place , if you read it states they want you to call the function after the = sign, not literally under or where the comment is.