What is that means ? ...Oops, try again. The a element in the second supporting content div should have an href attribute set to "#"


Ey pals, How are You, Im Guille from Argentina , im stucked with that .

     <p>Renting out your unused space could pay your bills or fund your next             vacation<p>
     <p><a href =¨#¨>¨Learn more about Hosting¨</a></p>
     <h3>Trust and Safety</h3>
     <p>¨From Verified ID to our worldwide customer support team, 
      we have got your back¨</p>
     <p><a href =¨#¨>¨Learn about trust at Airbnb¨</a></p>


You have some fancy quotation character there.

This is yours: ¨
This is mine: "


:astonished: Thanks Judy .