What is <strong> element?


What is <strong> element and where do we use it?


see: MDN - strong element

MDN always has great documentation


STRONG and EM are semantic elements that tell the user agent to assign importance to the contained word or phrase, or emphasis. The operative phrase above is user agent which if it is a browser the user will see bold face type or italicized type, respectively, but if it is a search engine or a speech reader (assistive technology) then it takes on real meaning.

It is never wise to use these elements just for what they can do to text on the screen. If all we want is bold type, but there is no real significance in the phrase or word then we should use <b></b>, and the same with italics. If it is for visual reasons alone, use <i></i>.

Again, on the screen it will look the same visually, but to a user agent, it will not add to the importance, or trigger a change of voice in a speech reader. This is a very important distinction to keep in mind at all times if you have web facing pages.


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