What is string length?


how can i find string length?


"To do so do this".length and then it prints the length of it


i've print"string".length but it gives error then what i've to do?


Can you post what the error said?


the error is. Oops,try again.Is your string atleast 3 words long?


What section is it on


what do you mean? :smiley_cat:


ON the bottom left or the top left it should say what section your on


data types 1 and II: numbers and strings


Are you on JavaScript? Or what language


Data types 1 and II: Numbers & Strings


Data types I and II: Numbers & Strings


Copy and paste exactly what you put in?


yes i am using javascript introduction


Ok i checked it out for you and you need 3 words and not just one. Type in "string hello hello".length


they are again giving me error


OVER HERE RAN OUT OF REPLIES!!! WEll you would have to buy a website or get a website with adds or you can look at websites languanges by right clicking the webpage and clicking inspect element. But you would have to get the console for the website. Look it up. Hope this helps.


how can i use this language in my computer?


sir while learning javascript on topic 13 comparisons i am facing this error Oops, try again. It looks like the second console.log() call didn't print true. how can i correct it