What is </h1> and <h1>

I am very new to coding so where exactly does it mean when it says to put your name in the middle of <h1> and </h1>?


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well, if you would put your name in the middle of a set of paragraph tags:

<p>my name</p>

you add the text between the opening tag (<p>) and closing tag (</p>)

Think of it like this. You have 2 pillars. One on the left and one on the right. Your value goes in between them. | value |

Hence <h1> value </h1>
So the first tag on your left is the opening tag which looks like this. <h1> and your closing tag which is on the right looks like this </h1>

I just started to learn coding and I’m on the first part of the HTML course. The instructions say to put my name in the middle of <h1> and </h1>. When I do that I get an error message saying: “invalid ‘instanceof’ operand s.DeferredSignal” and I can’t progress further. What do I do?

Thank you for your answer.

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