What is Git Bash?

Hello, name’s David, new to the game here. So, I’m 18% through Data Science and they say I’m done with SQL and now they want to go into Python but I think I need more practice on SQL. Also, the SQLite tutorial told me to download sqlite but why do I need to do that, I’m not even using it and what is GitBash? Do I need GitBash? Do I need to just move on to Python? Any help would be appreciated.

Seems you’ve waited a good long time for a response, which suffice it to say, mine won’t be the one you want. However, we can segue to just getting you started with Python, locally, and then you have a platform to test your lesson code on.

Download IDLE and install, with a taskbar link to the IDLE Shell. This is, to my mind the best entry point to just having a shell and a text editor with no bells and whistles. Learn Python in the raw. The Shell is a useful tool, even when you are invested in a fancy IDE.

Explore this, then get back to us with respect to BASH, et al.

Thank you for the response. I’ll give this a shot.

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