What is Git and GitHub?

I’ve been hearing lot about Git and GitHub and I’m not sure what it is . . . Is Git some sort of low level computer language similar to Perl? And is GitHub for running this language (If its a language)?

Git IS NOT a low-level computer language. It’s is an industry standard Version Control System. Basically,a version control system is a system that allows developers to make changes to a file, keeping track of the changes you made to your project from time to time, and revert changes. A good understanding of Git is crucial in your day-to-day task as a developer. To increase productivity and collaborate on projects with other developers, you also need Git. To wrap things up, Git is a software that lets you time travel back to the past.

GitHub is a place where developers and companies either store or open-source their code. I recommend your take a course regarding Git on Codecademy.