What is everyone's favorite resources?

There are a lot of helpful recourses for coding, what are some of your favorites?


Official documentation is usually my go-to if I need to figure out how something works.

Failing that I’ve got several books relating to a handful of languages and their application to refer to, and if all else fails then it’s off to Google!


For web dev:

Color websites:

Gradients: https://webgradients.com/
Color schemes: https://coolors.co/
More gradients: https://uigradients.com/#Celestial
Complementary color: https://pigment.shapefactory.co

Icon websites:



To add,

Color Websites:

Icon Websites:



I have to agree with you, I use books for reference too.


I have found google an interesting resource, I sometimes find that it doesn’t work too well though. Official documentation and books are what I usually use.

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Haven’t tried books yet. Any suggestions?

It depends, what languages you are learning?

Really Python and SQL (for Data Science).

I use a lot of ones for python by Eric Matthes.

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I usually turn to official documentation when I know what I need but don’t know the specifics or the implementation. In cases where I have no idea how to accomplish something, StackOverflow and Google are great resources.


SQL in 10 Minutes by Sams Teach Yourself helped me at the beggining
And SQL Practice Problems by Sylvia Moestl Vasilik later on


I use official documentation like MDN, my favourite goto YouTube channels re net ninja and traversy channels.

I also use google and w3 schools a lot.

I really want to ask how can someone get a mentor or guide in this web dev journey because it can be overwhelming and tough at times.

Sometimes I feel like I am in an ocean of knowledge and finding difficult to put all the parts together.

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I feel you, but what I do is take is one day at a time, don’t worry about the next lesson, and focus on the one you are on, and if you ever too overwhelmed, just take a break for the day and come back tommarow.

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Thank you for the response. I will put your advice into practice asap!